Quick and easy supply of chemicals and reagents at your doorstep.

At LABEX we understand that your time is precious and critical experiments cannot be delayed for want of chemicals. We have weekly shipments from almost all our manufacturers. Supplies can also be organized SOS depending upon urgency and volume of order. Typically, for most of our products (over 90%), delivery is done very fast within 10 to 14 days. Some products like Antimicrobial agents, selective antibiotics, Adjuvants and Some Routine Products are ordered very frequently (many times twice a week) and hence can be delivered within an even shorter time frame of 3 to 5 days. We also keep ready stocks and inventory of chemicals, so as to ensure instantaneous delivery.

Our Representations

We understand your needs

Our Biology sales team members have postgraduate degree in Biotechnology and are competent to understand your precise research requirements. Labex imports dozens of consignments every day from USA, Europe, China, Japan, Korea & Australia to serve the needs of clients spread over 700 research institutes, Pharma companies, CRO’s Hospitals, Universities and distributors. Over 90% of our clients have approved credit terms with Labex Corporation.

Helping accelerate your research

We have in-house consultants who continuously upgrade us on the cutting edge discoveries in Modern Biology. We can thus anticipate your final research goals and also provide you with relevant information on ways to improve your research output. We have the most up to date information on the latest kits, techniques and protocols that can make your research simpler, faster or more accurate.

Convenience at your fingertips in Chemistry Research

Labex is the largest distributor of Combi-Blocks products in India. Combi-blocks is a worldwide supplier for combinatorial chemistry building blocks and carry a vast and extremely diverse range of organic chemistry products for research.

Labex gets consignments from Combi-blocks every alternate day (averaging 2 to 3 consignments every week). Over 70% of the global chemicals are now manufactured in China which has massively reduced the cost of its finished products including chemicals. making it the most cost effective supplier in the world. Labex imports from over 200 manufacturers in China on a regular basis with over seven consignments arriving every day. Most of the chemistry sales team hold Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry & hence are knowledgeable about your exact requirements and can guide you to the right purchase. All you need to do is give us a CAS Number & quantity & we will do the rest. Some  building blocks & Chemicals are ordered very frequently (normally twice a week) & can be delivered in 3 to 5 days

Tailor made imports

You have a very specific set of requirements which cannot be met by a single supplier. No problem. Instead of making multiple orders and paying freight charges on each, our dedicated office in the U.S, can collect all your chemicals & reagents for you and ship it as a single order saving both time and money

We are here to solve your problems

We are continuously trying to improve our services and the best way is customer feedback. We would love to hear from you. Please call at +91-11-26124727 or email us at labex@labex.net