Frequently Asked Questions

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[1] How do I submit an order?

The order can be submitted through E-mail. We will expedite your order if you can provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email and telephone
  • Institution or company name with
  • GST number
  • Shipping and billing addresses
  • Purchase order number
  • Product code number and description (to avoid ambiguous descriptions, please see complete product descriptions for ordering purposes)
  • Quantity, size, and price
[2] What is the normal delivery period?
Delivery period depends on the source and availability of the products. Fast moving products like NormocinTM, PlasmocinTM, Adjuvants, Cell counting kit, few secondary antibodies, TRI- Reagent® etc. are mostly in ready stock and hence can be delivered in 2 to 3 days. Other products are imported and are ordered as per the requirements and hence are normally delivered within 8 to 18 days. Few products are sometimes back ordered with the manufacturers and hence may have longer lead times. We will inform you actual delivery period at the time of ordering.
[3] Do you provide free samples?
Most of the manufacturers don’t provide free samples. However, few manufacturers do provide free samples in order to promote their products. You can get free samples for TRI-Reagent ® (sample pack of 6ml), Cell counting kit (100 tests), ELISA kit (24 well) from Elabscience and MedChemExpress (small sample sizes as per their website). We levy a small shipping charge of Rs. 950/- + GST for sending free samples.
[4] What are the standard shipping methods and costs?
Orders are shipped at required temperature mostly by Blue-dart. For all orders above Rs. 30,000/-, Labex absorbs the cost and our clients enjoy free delivery. For orders below Rs. 30,000/-, we levy small shipping charge of Rs. 950/- + GST for sending products.

Alternatively, customers may use a preferred carrier collect number for shipping costs if requested at the time of order.

[5] How do I track my order?
An order can be tracked on the Blue-dart or other carrier website using the tracking number provided by us at the time of shipping.
[6] What are the methods and term of payment?
We accept the payment through Cheque/NEFT/RTGS or deposit Cash in Union Bank of India. Terms of payment are to be agreed prior to order placement.
[7] Do you provide technical support?
We provide help to setup different kinds of experiments and support in data analysis.
[8] Does Labex has storage facility?
Yes, Labex has adequate storage facility for keeping products at ambient temperature, +4oC and -20oC.

About Us

Labex Supplier and Distributor of Research Chemicals
Quick and easy supply of chemicals and reagents at your doorstep.

At LABEX we understand that your time is precious and critical experiments cannot be delayed for want of chemicals. We have weekly shipments from almost all our manufacturers. Supplies can also be organized SOS depending upon urgency and volume of order. Typically, for most of our products (over 90%), delivery is done very fast within 10 to 14 days.

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